Importance of Basic Life Support (BLS):images-1

BLS certification san diego is a critical course that is provided for health care providers which will help the learners to provide support for the victims and provide them the knowledge to perform CPR on any patients who may be Infant or children or adults with 1 or 2 rescuers. They are also equipped to perform fibrillation and the usage on AED called as Automated External Defibrillator. In addition to the technical medical procedures defined above, the course will also provide a detailed learning on First-Aid and the proper caring for wounds, strokes, cuts, seizures, scrapes, and first aid and support for critical problems such as heart attacks, electroshock’s, and other respiratory problem which cannot wait till a full-fledged medical care is available to start the treatment.

BLS Certification & Completion:

The BLS certification San Diego requires the participant to register for the course and he cannot just attend and complete the course on walking in to the venue. The course aims to provide the complete and required knowledge with a specimen and the targeted situation that enables the participants to use their skill and on the spot knowledge to provide their best support when needed by the patients.

On completion of the course, the person will be awarded a certificate of completion on BLS and a temporary Wallet card that can be used in case of emergency to prove the person’s identity and proceed to provide or perform the necessary first aid care for the victim.